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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Seven Minutes in Heaven with the Akatsuki, **Rated M**

OKAY before you start reading, this is a 7 minutes in heaven story I will seperate all of the people so you can tell which one is which. I warn you now this is mature material and if you don't like 'spicy' romance then don't read it. SIMPLE as that. Okay now that I have ranted let us get on with the story. ____ is for your name just so you know. This will also being coming in parts. Each one will have the same beginning and then one character story at the bottom.
"Konan-san, remind me why I have to play this game again?" You whined to Konan as you took a seat next to her in the scracely furnished 'living room' of the Akatsuki hide out. Too bad you already knew the answer.
"Because _____-san it was my turn to pick a game and I was sick of the boys picking the same games. All they ever want to do is spar or see how many body parts they can take from Hidan. AND I AM SICK OF IT!!!!!"
"Okay okay," you say afraid that the wrong words are going to send Konan into a rage. " I'll play your stupid game, but I'd rather be..."
"____ I don't care what you or the rest of the world would rather be doing, WE are doing this. and there is going to be no violence... Unless of course it happens in the closet." Konan winked at you and all you could do was sigh. She was making you, the rest of the Akatsuki, and a few of her other girl friends (To even things out) play seven minutes in heaven. It was just your luck too, you had just joined the Akatsuki and the last thing you wanted was to be stuck in the closet with one of the perverts. The whole reason you were admitted into the Akatsuki was due to your talents in tricking people to get what you want. While almost every woman could do this you could do it in a way that was closer to a hypnotism. Your skills combined with your hot looks made for a deadly combination. While your tricks worked on most the Akatsuki members had gotten wise and no longer fell for your tricks. However most of them still fell for your looks even if it was just a little. But enough of that we shall now move forward with the game. >:]
The boys then all walked into the 'living room' while you were off in your own world Konan had gathered the other girls and now all of you sat in a circle with the boys on one side and girls on the other. Konan then stood  up, "Okay, boys now I need you to put something in the hat, please nothing too obvious..." As the boys put objects in the hat Hidan voiced his opinion " Why the fuck do we have to play this fucking game anyway?" "Because I'm sick of you guys always getting to pick." Konan stated blandly, obviously getting sick of being asked. "Well then why is it only seven minutes, un?" Deidara chimed in as he put in his object. " I mean how fast do you think I am, hmm?" Konan merely shook her head at this comment. " Well damn, I agree with Deidara, if you're gonna make us do this stupid thing, it's going to be twensety fucking minutes!" "Alright fine I give up it's twenty minutes, if that's what it takes for you two to play." Konan gave up, she collected the last item from Tobi, shook the hat and brought it over to you. "Your the newest member so you get to go first. Pick an item." You peer in the hat and see:
Green duct Tape
A sea shell
A yo-yo
A dream catcher
A rosary
A mini pumpkin
A money clip
A toothbrush
and a hair binder

You see the yo-yo and squeal in delight! You adored these little contraptions since you were a little girl and no matter how hard you tried you couldn't resist them.
"I think we found _____'s weak point." Deidara laughed as he took the yo-yo and chucked into the closet. Like a dog after a stick you quickly chased after it.
"Pathetic..." Itachi sighed
Once you were in the closet with the yo-yo your mind was totally gone. You just sat there and played with the toy. Not noticing Sasori walk in and shut the door. That is until he took away the yo-yo.
"So you like to play with strings too?" Sasori evily chuckled "Let me show you how I play with my strings."
With that he wrapped his chakra strings around your arms and legs, backing you up to the back wall. You whimpered at your sudden inability to control your body. As you tried to move you arms Sasori walked up to you and as he tucked your hair behind your right ear he whispered "I'm the one in control now." You whimpered even louder now and tried to crouch down into a ball, with no avail. "Hmm? You want to touch yourself?" Sasori smirked as you shook your head. It was the one thing he gave you control over, but you didn't understand why. "Well if you really want to.." Sasori trailed off as you felt your hands rubbing over your own body. But it was obvious Sasori wanted to do the touching. His face came in close to yours and started to kiss your mouth. A deep a lustful force was in his kiss and afraid to deny him you gave him entrance to your mouth. As his tongue explored your mouth his hands began to explore your body. Both of his hands trailed up your shirt and under your bra to grab and roughly grope your boobs. Meanwhile he had your hands taking off your clothes. First your pants, then he quickly broke the kiss as your hands brought your shirt off. Sasori paused a moment, " you'd be a wonderful puppet..." Before you could respond his mouth was on your left breast nipping and sucking at every part. His right hand wandered up to block off your mouth from any protest and his left went down to your panties. You couldn't help but moan as his tongue massaged your nipple and his left hand started to massage your delicate woman hood from the outside of your panties. "Sasori-kun, this isn't fair" you whined, he wasn't close enough for you to feel his bulge but you knew it was there and boy did you wanna touch it. Sasori backed off of you for a moment and shuffled around. When he pressed his naked body up against yours you couldn't help but yelp. "Is this what you were looking for?" as he rubbed his manhood up and down your inner thigh. You moaned, you were impressed with the size of it and it only made you want it more. then you heard a "slash" as Sasori cut off your panties with a knife. "Where the HELL did you ge---" You were cut off by Sasori's lips pressing up against yours. This time with even more lust and a bit of urgency. He couldn't control himself anymore. In one fluid motion he shoved his manhood inside of your tight wet pussy. You screamed a mix of pleasure and pain into his mouth as he thrust in and out of you. Remember your against a wall and he is using his chakra strings to control everything but your head. You turn your head to the side to break his prolonged kiss. Panting for air you look at him, wanting to touch his chest, his member, all over his body! "Sasori, please -pant pant- give me back my body." Too concerned in his own pleasure he lets you go without thinking. You smirk evily and wrap your arms and legs around him. He kisses your neck as he wraps his arms around your back and brings the two of you to the floor. "May I?" You ask innocently, he nods and you begin to ride him. He grabs your hips and moans as you go up and down his member. Then you start to feel your abdomen tightening, you were getting close. Sasori must have sensed it too because he started to move your hips up and down much more aggressively. You moaned loudly as you arched your back. "I'm I'm I'm cumming!" Sasori thrust upward quick and roughly before he too came and as your liquids intermixed you laid down on top of Sasori, slowly removing him from inside of you. "That was--" "Shh" Sasori hushed you "Don't wreck the moment." you smiled, rolled over to his side and snuggled your head on his chest.
"Sasori-Danna?" Deidara's voice quietly whispered to the door "Twenty minutes is up, un."
"Thank you Deidara, we will be out in a moment." Sasori replied calmly. Unlike you who was still panting and trying to get over how great that was. Sasori chuckled as he threw you your cloak. "If you enjoyed it that much, maybe we will have to do it more often?" "I'll be your puppet anytime" You replied quickly. "Really now?" Sasori questioned you as he walked out of the closet leaving you to ponder if you had chosen the right words.


  1. That was awesome....so few people utilize the chakra strings....I can't wait until you post kakuzu's....>\\\\\< threads >\\\\<

  2. Amazing!!! Can't wait to hidan's!!! <3 I know that he is a pervert, but he is still my favorite in akatsuki!!! <3 >\\\\<