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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Seven Minutes in Heaven with the Akatsuki, **Rated M**

OKAY before you start reading, this is a 7 minutes in heaven story I will seperate all of the people so you can tell which one is which. I warn you now this is mature material and if you don't like 'spicy' romance then don't read it. SIMPLE as that. Okay now that I have ranted let us get on with the story. ____ is for your name just so you know.
"Konan-san, remind me why I have to play this game again?" You whined to Konan as you took a seat next to her in the scracely furnished 'living room' of the Akatsuki hide out. Too bad you already knew the answer.
"Because _____-san it was my turn to pick a game and I was sick of the boys picking the same games. All they ever want to do is spar or see how many body parts they can take from Hidan. AND I AM SICK OF IT!!!!!"
"Okay okay," you say afraid that the wrong words are going to send Konan into a rage. " I'll play your stupid game, but I'd rather be..."
"____ I don't care what you or the rest of the world would rather be doing, WE are doing this. and there is going to be no violence... Unless of course it happens in the closet." Konan winked at you and all you could do was sigh. She was making you, the rest of the Akatsuki, and a few of her other girl friends (To even things out) play seven minutes in heaven. It was just your luck too, you had just joined the Akatsuki and the last thing you wanted was to be stuck in the closet with one of the perverts. The whole reason you were admitted into the Akatsuki was due to your talents in tricking people to get what you want. While almost every woman could do this you could do it in a way that was closer to a hypnotism. Your skills combined with your hot looks made for a deadly combination. While your tricks worked on most the Akatsuki members had gotten wise and no longer fell for your tricks. However most of them still fell for your looks even if it was just a little. But enough of that we shall now move forward with the game. >:]
The boys then all walked into the 'living room' while you were off in your own world Konan had gathered the other girls and now all of you sat in a circle with the boys on one side and girls on the other. Konan then stood  up, "Okay, boys now I need you to put something in the hat, please nothing too obvious..." As the boys put objects in the hat Hidan voiced his opinion " Why the fuck do we have to play this fucking game anyway?" "Because I'm sick of you guys always getting to pick." Konan stated blandly, obviously getting sick of being asked. "Well then why is it only seven minutes, un?" Deidara chimed in as he put in his object. " I mean how fast do you think I am, hmm?" Konan merely shook her head at this comment. " Well damn, I agree with Deidara, if you're gonna make us do this stupid thing, it's going to be twenty fucking minutes!" "Alright fine I give up it's twenty minutes, if that's what it takes for you two to play." Konan gave up, she collected the last item from Tobi, shook the hat and brought it over to you. "Your the newest member so you get to go first. Pick an item." You peer in the hat and see:
Green duct Tape
A sea shell
A yo-yo
A dream catcher
A rosary
A mini pumpkin
A money clip
A toothbrush
and a hair binder

You looked into the hat and saw a roll of duct tape. "I love duct tape!" You yelled not actually intending to. Konan then quickly put you into the closet and said "The owner of that item will be in shortly." So you sat down against the far wall of the closet and waited. You tried to adjust your eyes to the new darkness but to no avail. You could tell the closet did have some space. It was like a small walk-in closet with shelves and clothes hanging where they weren't shelves. You then heard a rustling by the coats.
"Whose there?" You asked alarmed that there was someone in the closet when you never saw the door open. "Hello?" You asked again.
"...Hi" a voice replied to you. You quickly got up and walked towards the voice, curious as to who replied to you. "Who are you?"
"Who are we, you mean." A dark voice replied to you.
"Zetsu.." you said quietly.
"What are upset that you got us???"
"Stop being rude towards her!"
"I'll do what I want, you won't stop me!"
The two sides of Zetsu continued to argue until they noticed that you were giggling.
"What do you find so funny girl?" the Dark side of Zetsu snapped at you.
"I'm sorry I just think it's so cute when you two argue." You replied honestly.
"You.. you think we're cute?" Zetsu's white side questioned.
"Mmhmm," was all you said back
"Can we kiss yo-"
"Don't ask her that! "
"Hah why not?"
"We'll scare her"
"No, you won't" You cut off the arguing. Zetsu stops and looks at you before he takes a step forward and you raise your head up to meet his eyes.
"Are you sure about this? You don't think we're a monster? You're not worried about us eat-"
You cut Zetsu off by pressing your lips to his. Then quickly pulled away as you saw his fly trap closing. It stayed closed for a moment, before opening up. Zetsu quickly mumbled a sorry before kissing you again. His arms snaked around your waist pulling you up against his body. You responded by bringing your arms carefully up and around his neck, deepening the kiss. You pulled away in a need for oxygen and looked up into his golden eyes, they were gorgeous and he was nothing like you thought he might be. You had always been curious about Zetsu, but too afraid to ask about it or talk to him. Now you were learning more about him in a closet then you had since you joined the Akatsuki. He pulled you back in for another more passionate kiss and you turned your head further deepening the kiss. You then felt his tongue against your bottom lip. Begging you for entrance. You obliged much to yours and his delight. His tongue searched every crevice of your mouth while he slowly backed up against the wall pinning you there with his body. You broke apart again for air and he slowly started kissing down your face and to your neck. Searching for your soft spot. Gently he kissed and bit at your neck until he finally heard a moan slip from your mouth. He had found it and he knew it. He went back to that spot kissing it with more aggressiveness until he finally bit down making you arch your back a moan loudly in pleasure. He smirked against your neck before sucking a little and then finally pulling away. You let out a small sigh sad that he pulled away.
"What? Did you enjoy that?" Zetsu coyly asked. You nodded your head. "Then you'll really like this." He replied. Zetsu then forcibly pressed his lips against your shoving his tongue in your mouth without asking while his hands roamed your body before the started to pull up your shirt and slip under your bra. You moaned into his mouth as massaged your breasts. Smirking he continued with his hands and moved his lips back down to your neck. He then broke his kiss away and pulled off your shirt, you did the same to him and quickly brought your hands to his chest touching everyone of his muscles. Then Zetsu picked you up and you wrapped your legs around his while the two of you continued to grope and make out with each other. One of his hands then started to massage your inner thigh. You then dropped your legs from around him and he moved his hands from your thigh to the button on your pants. He unsnapped it, unzipped the zipper and slowly stuck his hand down your pants. You moaned loudly he was teasing you, playing with clit and not doing what you wanted him to.
"Please?" You pleaded with him you weren't so sure how much more you could take.
"Ah, don't like being toyed with,huh?" Zetsu's black side teased
"No, I don't, do you?" You asked him and you brought your hand down to his pants and rubbed his bulge from the outside of his pants. Zetsu growled before his black side grabbed your hand and shoved it into his pants. You squeaked a bit, not ready for such aggressiveness. You felt around in his pants and rubbed his manhood it was pretty big and you were impressed. After getting what he wanted, Zetsu gave you what you had been waiting for. He took two fingers and started pumping them in and out of you. You moaned loudly as you started to rub his manhood as quickly as you could with his pants still on.
Then the door opens. Deidara stands in the door way completely shocked "Shit, I didn't think plant man would get any, un!!" Zetsu quickly sends a glare towards Deidara and covers your body with his own.
"We aren't done yet..." The black snarled. " Now leave before I eat you."
Deidara sighed but shut the door. " Fine 15 more minutes, un!" He called from outside the door.
Zetsu looked at you and said " I'll have to be quick then." He gave you an evil smirk before bringing you to the floor and ripping off your pants. He got on top of you as you slid his pants off and stared at what was in front of you. His black side chuckled evily and started to poke you with the tip of his member. You moaned and grabbed the back of his head bringing his lips to yours. Then he couldn't take it anymore and shoved it into your womanhood. You screamed into his mouth and pulled his hair a little. As he started to pump into you, you relaxed and let out more moans then you meant to. It just felt so good and you couldn't help but make a little noise. He then started to go harder as he felt you relax. Causing you to tighten up again and bring your legs up around his hips so you could move with him. The pleasure was immeasurable you couldn't hold up much longer as you felt yourself nearing your climax. Zetsu moved his head to the side of yours and started to nibble on your ear and said " Are you ready?" Ready for what you thought. Then as if he'd gained the power of fifty men he pumped faster and harder then you ever thought possible and as your back arched and you moaned he did too, then you felt it. You tried to warn him but it was too late you had came and your juices covered his manhood. You felt like you were going to pass out and then you felt one final push as he released inside of you.  He then laid beside you soaking up all that had just happened. He slipped on his clothes while you just laid there shocked. "I'm sorry about your clothes" Zetsu's white side said "Oh, I'm not!" The black side chimed in. He handed you his Akatsuki cloak and then his hand. You got up (barely) and covered yourself. Just then Hidan opened the door. "Get the fuck out. NOW!!" He said as the two of you merely walked past him. and sat back down to watch the rest of the game. Except now you were in Zetsu's lap and were watching more of him then the game.
HOPE YOU LIKED IT! IT WAS MY FIRST LEMON AND I WILL BE WRITING THE OTHER AKATSUKI MEMBERS SOON. But right now my brain and my hands hurt. Look for another blog for the other characters. I will get all of them done, but I don't want to rush through them.


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